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For developing a new (brand) name we often work together with agencies in the field of (brand) name creation and naming. The consultants and creatives of these agencies are responsible for guiding the naming process and translating the client's wishes into a new (brand) name. Matchmark is responsible for, among other things, the identical trademark screenings of the proposed names prior to presentations and, if desired, for conducting the availability searches and trademark registrations.

Design protection

The new three-dimensional appearance of a product can be protected as a design. However, a design must be novel and must have individual character (be original). Examples of a design are: furniture, lamps, kitchen items and packaging. Graphic symbols and logos, surface patterns and embellishments can also be protected by design law as a drawing.

Matchmark can carry out searches for you into similar designs or drawings and take care of registering your designs and drawings in a large number of countries. We also mediate in conflict situations.


A work with its own original character that bears the personal stamp of its creator and is sensory perceptible qualifies for copyright protection. Examples of a work are: artworks, texts, drawings, photos, films, music, concepts, television formats, design, websites and software.

Copyright on a work arises automatically without any formalities having to be fulfilled. This means, for example, that a copyright does not have to be filed or registered. We do advise you however to make clear that it is a copyright protected work by means of the '© symbol + year + rightholder'.

Matchmark advises on copyright protection and the use of copyright protected works. We also mediate in conflict situations.

Domain names

Domain name registration is an important part of protecting your brands and company names. We can register most domain name extensions directly and then managing them for you.

If a domain name has already been registered by a third party, we can discuss with you whether it is possible to take over the domain name for a reasonable fee.

In addition, we can initiate a procedure at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Arbitration and Mediation Center for you to claim a domain name from a third party in the event that this domain name infringes your trademark or company name and has been registered in bad faith.

Matchmark also advises on domain names as part of protecting your brands and company names. We also mediate in conflict situations.

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