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Match Mark

Matchmark B.V.
Herengracht 122
1015 BT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

[T] +31 20 626 0408
[F] +31 20 626 0709
[E] mail@matchmark.nl


Matchmark is a trademark agency specialized in trademark research, trademark registration and mediation in the solving of conflicts in the field of intellectual property.

We manage trademark portfolios of multinationals, SMB and starting companies. Through an international network of agents, we also serve the interests of our clients on a worldwide scale.

Trademarks represent a big economic value for businesses. This is why it is of great importance that the marks that distinguish the goods and/or services of a company be registered in the correct manner. For an optimum trademark protection, we have the required legal expertise, a modern trademark management system and we only consult high-quality data when carrying out our activities.

The personal contact with the client forms the basis of our services. We always strive for a clear and especially practical advice. This way, the client knows its position and is given the tools to take a balanced decision regarding the protection of its trademarks.

After registration, we keep our clients informed about the status of their trademark portfolio by providing periodical trademark overviews. In addition, we can include a trademark in our trademark monitoring system, to keep an eye on whether somebody else is in the process of applying for registration of an identical or similar trademark for similar goods and/or services.

We work closely together with Globrands naming specialists and Round Table Research. This offers us the possibility to also help our clients to develop a new brand name and to conduct market research among the relevant target group. Our partners are also located at Herengracht 122. A large number of our clients have already profited from this unique combination. We also have good contacts in the legal profession to help our clients in possible conflict situations.

If you are interested in our services, then please contact Mr. Boudewijn Groen or Mr. Misja Nijhuis. We are happy to help you get the maximum protection for the distinguishing marks of your company or the company of your client.